The robust design and stability of the 300X table can be seen at first time. But these are not its only advantages.

Its playing surface offers excellent rebound to delight players at all levels.

The 300X table is able to adapt to slightly uneven terrain with its adjustable legs, while its central locking/release system and two brakes provide a high level of safety.

All accessories sold separately.

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Point counters

Who’ll be first to notch up eleven points and win the game? Now everyone will know the score – with no room for cheaters! If you prefer not to use them – when you’re playing ’round the table’, for example – simply flip them away under the table.

Retractable and tension-adjustable net

Once you’ve opened out your table, simply unfold the net posts and they will slot into place. It’s simple to check and adjust the tension on your table tennis net to ensure it is perfectly taut.

Accessories storage

The 300X boasts some handy storage features to avoid losing your accessories. There is built-in storage in the side panels enabling you to store up to 4 bats and 4 balls.

Ultra-simple adjustable feet

The 300X table is equipped with an innovative system that makes its feet easy to adjust. Simply turn the collar to set your table to the right level – no effort required! No need to lift the table, because the mechanism is not directly attached to the foot or in direct contact with the floor. Simple and effective.