Outdoor table tennis table, “C-SHELL Plus”.
The table tennis table, C-SHELL Plus, is perfect for playing in all public and private spaces.

This model of table tennis table, with anti-vandalism properties, has no price competition in today’s market. It is sturdy, durable, corrosion resistant and immune to weather changes.

It is made of top quality materials, and like all our outdoor table tennis tables, this model also has regulatory measures and the technical and playing characteristics required by the ITTF.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money but you want to install a table tennis table of great quality and durability, this is your table. You will not find a table with these features at this price.

Properties of the outdoor table tennis table “Economic Plus”.
✔ Excellent resistance to corrosion.
✔ Good weathering and UV rays.
✔ High resistance to impact and abrasion.
✔ Chemical stability in aggressive environments.
✔ Electrical and acoustic insulation.
✔ Compliance with sanitary standards.
✔ Smooth, glossy and pleasant to the touch finish.

Certified and homologated table tennis table.
All our table tennis tables are manufactured in accordance with safety standards UNE EN 14468-1/2015, UNE EN 14468-2/2016 and UNE EN 15312:2007 + A1:2011.

Our tables, once installed, have complied with the regulations UNE 147 103 2001, UNE 172001:2004 IN, UNE-EN 1176-1:2018, UNE-EN 1176-7:2009, UNE-EN 15312:2007+A1:2011.
Features of the outdoor table tennis table “C-SHELL Plus”.
Table tennis table for permanent outdoor installation, resistant, durable and maintenance free.

Table top manufactured in high quality reinforced SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), acquiring extreme resistance. The SMC is a composite polymeric material, which basically consists of a thermosetting resin, mineral fillers, and a fiberglass reinforcement.
The surface protection is maximum, which makes the game natural, both in speed and in sliding and bouncing the ball.
The perimeter of the table, in order to avoid any accident, we manufacture it with rounded and reinforced edges.

Made of curved steel tube and perforated steel sheet. The whole structure that makes up the net is made of high quality steel, welded and finished to avoid any sharp edges. All this is galvanized and finished with special polyester paint baked for outdoor use.

Manufactured with top quality steel structure, and then hot-dip galvanized which makes the legs completely rustproof, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the table having rust.